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Elaine Pittman

Associate Editor

Elaine Pittman is the associate editor for Government Technology, Public CIO and Emergency Management. Before coming to Government Technology, she worked for The Coloradoan daily newspaper in Fort Collins, Colo. She can be reached via email and @elainerpittman on Twitter.

Twitter: @dcommunities

Recent Articles

State CIOs: Meet the Class of 2015
August 28, 2015 - A dozen states appointed new CIOs this year and in late 2014 -- here's a look who they are and how they're settling in.

Arkansas' Mark Myers: A Nontraditional CIO
August 25, 2015 - Myers is putting his military and government backgrounds to use as the state's IT leader.

Delaware CIO James Collins on Thinking Like a Customer
August 21, 2015 - Coming from the customer side of the state's IT agency gives Collins a unique view of its role.

Pennsylvania's CIO Brings Private-Sector Perspective
August 20, 2015 - John MacMillan's work on both sides of the aisle allows him to harness public- and private-sector experience while leading IT for the state.

2015 Survey Honors Most Innovative, Pioneering Digital Counties
July 09, 2015 - In this year's survey, the Center for Digital Government recognizes 54 counties as adaptive IT leaders, collaborators and arbiters of the public trust.

Lori Flanery
March 24, 2015 - Secretary, Finance and Administration Cabinet, Kentucky

Gary Bateman
March 24, 2015 - CIO, Workforce Development, Iowa

Robin Murphy
March 24, 2015 - Director, Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue, Texas A&M University

Crisis Tweets Study Identifies What to Expect During Emergencies
February 25, 2015 - A new study examines tweets from various disasters, providing key information for emergency managers and their communications teams.

2015 State of the State Addresses: Is Technology on the Agenda?
January 30, 2015 - To find technology in this year's speeches, you often need to read between the lines.

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