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Jessica Hughes is a regular contributor to Government Technology and Emergency Management magazines.

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FBI Facial Recognition System Gives Officers an Investigative Lead
October 20, 2014 - The powerful tool replaces legacy technology and lets police officers automatically compare a suspect's digital facial image against more than 20 million images, but it has accuracy limits and has raised concerns among privacy groups.

New Jersey Agencies Collaborate to Combat Driver's License Fraud
October 08, 2014 - The state's aggregated investigative reporting service allows secure and real-time access to fraud tip-off information provided by 23 law enforcement, state and federal agencies.

GIS Helps Austin, Texas, be Water Wise in the Face of Drought
October 07, 2014 - As the city deals with long-term drought, an app is helping to monitor and document water use violations.

Alameda County, Calif., Sets High Standards for Hackathons
October 01, 2014 - The county has received national recognition for its innovative open data initiatives that have benefited the community while reducing costs.

Indiana Management and Performance Hub Takes Transparency to the Next Level
September 11, 2014 - The hub is connected to and builds on the data-rich Indiana Transparency Portal by increasing the accessibility and usability of key information.

Austin IMMPACT Helps Visualize, Prioritize City Projects
September 11, 2014 - The ability to coordinate land, roadway, transit, wastewater and other projects gives the city a better sense of what's happening with projects on the street.

Civic Ninjas Find Long-Term Solutions to Government Problems
August 27, 2014 - The organization's mission is to move civic hacking's focus toward building solutions and providing ongoing support so those solutions -- primarily in disaster response and recovery -- can succeed in the public sector.

Tracking the Vulnerable: Medical Registries Provide Lifeline in Emergencies
August 27, 2014 - Registries of residents who have medical needs offer potentially lifesaving data to officials during an emergency, while aiding everyday planning activities.

Data Breaches in the Cloud: Who's Responsible?
August 26, 2014 - The cloud multiplier effect means data breaches in the cloud are increasing -- and becoming more costly. With so many states and localities opting to host their data there, what happens when breaches occur?

Dissecting Microsoft's Redefined Core
August 19, 2014 - Within the changing tech environment, companies must reconstruct themselves on an ongoing basis, and Microsoft is no different.

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