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Re-engaging Your Staff (Opinion)
May 28, 2013 - Appealing to new employees while cultivating existing workers.

Ted Gaebler: Government Transformer
May 07, 2013 - Author and local government expert Ted Gaebler talks about what it takes to unleash innovation.

Shaking Up Washington State’s IT Culture
May 02, 2013 - The key? Building an agile, mobile workforce.

Virginia Builds Statewide ID Management Platform
May 01, 2013 - The commonwealth is using technology deployed from Medicaid reform to build the platform.

Column: The Age of the Tech-Savvy Legislator
March 29, 2013 - An influx of young lawmakers could lead to better technology investments.

Philadelphia Creates an Environment for Innovation
March 18, 2013 - Chief Innovation Officer Adel Ebeid describes city efforts to promote and sustain innovation-oriented activities.

Hurricane Sandy: Lessons Learned in New Jersey
March 13, 2013 - State CIO Steven Emanuel talks about Hurricane Sandy's impact on critical state computer systems and lessons learned from the event.

Leadership: Spotting a Good Idea
March 11, 2013 - Oklahoma lawmakers and CIO collaborate to make state IT consolidation work.

How Acting Like a Tech Entrepreneur Can Improve Government Services
January 02, 2013 - By letting the public test unfinished websites and apps, agencies are completing projects faster and more cheaply.

Michigan Gets Buy-in from the Top in IT Decisions (Opinion)
December 04, 2012 - Gov. Rick Snyder supports IT as fundamental.

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