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Cities Turn to Citizens to Beta-Test Tech
December 08, 2016 - Civic User Testing Groups are taking off as as a novel way to evaluate new government websites and apps, and put them through their paces before launch.

Cities Get Primer on Smart Technology
December 06, 2016 - A new playbook provides best practices based on work in 22 cities around the globe.

How Kansas City, Mo.'s Smart Foundation Will Allow for Proactive Positioning of City Services
November 30, 2016 - City planners aim to take the platform's data-management capabilities and eventually leverage them through the use of its own data analytics tools, presently in development.

Oakland County, Mich.'s Open Data Portal Renders Data as a Citizen Service
November 29, 2016 - The new system brings together 92 databases, giving users free access to raw data, as well as presenting them with 17 maps highlighting different geospatial features across this county of 1.2 million people.

Action Plan Aims to Help Trump Administration Keep Open Data Front and Center
November 28, 2016 - Wide ranging as the action plan's recommendations may be, they all share a common foundation: to use data to drive concrete, practical change.

Taking a Smart, Software-Based Approach to Air Pollution
November 22, 2016 - In many cases, the data needed to drive smart pollution analytics already is readily available.

New Smart City Platform Combines Multiple Critical Functionalities
November 16, 2016 - Each unit from Totem Power serves as a power station, can be wired in to collect power from other nearby solar cells or wind turbines, includes Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities, and can act as a charging station for electric vehicles.

Interactive Tools Help Connect Government with Qualified Cyberprofessionals
November 16, 2016 - Government IT executives find themselves in a pitched battle with the private sector to woo cyberpros from what most describe as an insufficient labor pool - but CyberSeek hopes to help.

State of the Union of Open Data 2016: Despite Steady Gains, Challenges Remain
November 02, 2016 - Looking forward, the goal is for practices associated with open data to become simply a part of good government management in the future, rather than being viewed as a separate concept.

GIS Helps Election Officials Ensure Early Voting Goes Smoothly
November 01, 2016 - In places like Cobb County, Ga., and Forsyth County, N.C., officials have implemented GIS applications to give the public easy access to polling-station wait time information, along with other relevant election data.

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