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New Tech Gives Aurora, Colo., Most Accurate Homeless Count Yet
February 16, 2017 - City planners adopted a new Web-based application for this year's count of homeless people and got a much more accurate understanding of how many people are actually bunking on the streets.

Funding Is Key Hangup in Deploying Smart City Projects
February 15, 2017 - Many cities are excited to get to work on smart cities initiatives, but a new report finds that only 16 percent are prepared to fund their projects.

Helping Municipalities Establish a Safe, Secure Drone Program
February 14, 2017 - As cities face the potential for bad actors to take control of drones or tap into their intelligence, security needs to be a primary concern. A new guide from the Cloud Security Alliance may help.

Using Tech, Data to Increase Voter Turnout
February 13, 2017 - To combat low voter turnout in local elections, the U.S. Vote Foundation is using data to improve those numbers by making polling information more easily available to voters.

Santa Monica Hackathon Results in Major Workflow Overhaul
February 10, 2017 - CityGrows, which won 2016's Hack the Beach coding competition, is a suite of next-generation data management tools that provide access and transparency for smarter city services.

New Jersey Municipalities Seek Sustainability Solutions in Tech Competition
February 09, 2017 - Sustainable Jersey's Coding for Community contest will generate new tools for local municipalities seeking tech solutions to their environmental issues.

Helping Cities Maximize Use of Transportation Data, Smart Technologies
February 08, 2017 - Transportation analytics firm Miovision has launched a new division that will help cities make sense of all the new data from connected devices and leverage it wisely.

City, County Digital Communications Needs Improvement, Survey Says
February 07, 2017 - Just 5 percent of city and county workers rated their agencies as "outstanding" in effective citizen engagement, and only 26 percent think their agency's website is "highly effective."

Survey: Government Has Big Plans for Blockchain
February 06, 2017 - While blockchain technology doesn't have the highest profile among senior executives, those government and business leaders who do understand it have big plans for putting it to use.

Using a Data-Driven Approach to Address Global Hunger
February 01, 2017 - In the struggle to feed an ever-growing population, American university scientists are working to use a data-driven approach to the global problem.

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