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Big Data Raises Questions about Privacy, Innovation and Choice
June 04, 2014 - Big data has just begun to show us the potential for solving intractable problems, and powering innovation and economic growth, but analytics have the potential for misuse of personally identifiable information.

Everything is Awesome: The LEGO Movie as Metaphor for FutureStructure
February 20, 2014 - Animated feature about building blocks and the people who love them illustrates the softer side of FutureStructure

When Social Media Hits Home
February 03, 2014 - How one agency handled a tragedy as it unfolded live on Twitter.

Video: A Strong Progressive Streak in Mayors' Inauguration Speeches
January 09, 2014 - New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh and Seattle all welcomed new mayors in the last seven days.

State and Local Leaders Discuss Building Toward the Future
November 13, 2013 - State, local and community leaders grapple with the hard issues -- and the huge opportunities -- of FutureStructure at San Francisco Summit.

The Long, Strange Journey of Toronto's Crack-Smoking Mayor
November 07, 2013 - The mayor of Canada's largest city admitted to smoking crack but has no plans to resign or go to rehab. The news has been a boon for late-night comics.

The Blurred Lines Between Social Media and Censorship
September 23, 2013 - Indiana's governor and D.C.'s transit agency sparked controversy by removing comments from social media accounts. Do public officials need to learn to keep their fingers off the delete button?

Scaling Down the Data Center
August 05, 2013 - Data centers don't need to be a permanent fixture on the IT landscape.

Column: Leadership and the Real-World Risks of Innovation
March 28, 2013 - The terms transformation and innovation are imbued with a sense of solving old intractable problems and modernizing old, tired processes to produce better outcomes through better and smarter means -- and that's a tall order.

4 Things We've Learned in 2012
December 04, 2012 - What Father Guido Sarducci would make of the year in public-sector IT.

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