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Jessica Mulholland has been a writer and editor for more than 10 years. She was previously the editor of Emergency Management magazine, and she loves that she can incorporate her passion for photography into her work as a part of the Government Technology editorial team. Jessica can be reached at on Twitter and on Google+.

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Recent Articles

New Jersey Prioritizes Open Data, Codifies Chief Data Officer Position
February 07, 2017 - The state's Open Data Initiative will help CDO Liz Rowe drive the development of common standards and governance across the executive branch, and develop an approach to enterprise data sharing.

2016 Digital Cities: Winners Focus on Transparency, Security, Infrastructure
November 09, 2016 - This year's top digital cities know data demands are only going to grow, and they want to be prepared.

Digital Government Services Explosion — What Took So Long?
November 04, 2016 - It's due to a combination of very powerful forces coalescing, according to one public official.

California DMV Computer Outage Linked to Loss of Hard Disks
October 25, 2016 - Despite the field office outages, DMV online services are still available and the department is updating its list of affected offices on its website.

Big Apple Claims SF's Miguel Gamiño as New CTO
October 25, 2016 - Gamiño, currently the CIO of San Francisco, is leaving the West Coast to become New York City's chief technology officer.

Exponential Planning: Helping Government Embrace the Future
September 30, 2016 - Government must consider many new risks and factors in planning given rapidly changing technology and constituent behavior.

Workforce Modernization: Tennessee's IT Reclassification Results in Operational Advancement, Improved Performance
September 22, 2016 - Just over halfway through its five-year contract with a firm that specializes in training for management and IT professionals, the state's Office of Information Services is focusing on creating IT leaders and is seeing improved performance.

Indiana Takes Aim at Opioid Crisis with Analytics
September 21, 2016 - Indiana CIO Dewand Neely talks about how his state is applying data to address an issue on many governors' agendas.

NASCIO Day Two: Rise of the Enterprise-Level CISO
September 20, 2016 - Cybersecurity is becoming part of the fabric of government operations, as proven by the fact that all respondents in NASCIO's biennial cybersecurity survey reported having an enterprise-level chief information security officer.

CIOs Gather to Talk Leadership and Outsourcing at NASCIO, Day One
September 19, 2016 - Agile development, cybersecurity and the cloud also make the agenda as the annual meeting kicks off in Orlando, Fla.

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