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Karen Stewartson

Karen Stewartson, Managing Editor

Karen Stewartson served as the managing editor of Government Technology for many years. She also contributed to Public CIO and Emergency Management magazines.

Twitter: @KarenStewartson

Recent Articles

Spectrum: The Public Approves of State and Local Government
August 01, 2013 - Also, carbonized coffee socks eliminate funky feet.

CIO Marc Touitou Discusses San Francisco's IT Priorities
July 30, 2013 - Marc Touitou talks about IT challenges and goals.

Spectrum: Smarter Prosthetics and a Battery Safe Enough to Eat
July 03, 2013 - Plus, check out Google's Talking Shoes that could inspire you to burn calories and creating fuel pucks from easy-to-find materials.

Book Review: Ninja Innovation
June 11, 2013 - A look at 'the 10 killer strategies of the world's most successful businesses.'

Spectrum: Mobile Sensor Tests Water Quality
June 03, 2013 - Plus, Australian scientists look to fruit flies to fight dengue fever.

Dirty Jobs in Government: Graffiti Removal
May 30, 2013 - Graffiti databases and reporting apps help cities clean up after taggers.

Four Questions with Orlando, Fla., CIO Rosa Akhtarkhavari
May 23, 2013 - Orlando CIO Rosa Akhtarkhavari discusses tech trends and her leadership style.

Spectrum: Can Smarter Phones and Nanosized Tech Improve Telemedicine?
May 03, 2013 - Plus, scientists in Texas are using technology to track bat colonies.

What is Technology’s Role in Deep-Sea Exploration?
April 03, 2013 - Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the ruins of the Titanic, shares how robots assist in undersea exploration.

Spectrum: Could Termites Help with Biofuel Production?
April 01, 2013 - Also check out doodling in 3-D and the FDA-approved bionic eye.

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