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Lauren Katims previously served as a staff writer and contributing writer for Government Technology magazine.

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Decision-Support Tool Aims to Enhance Information Sharing
August 16, 2013 - The California Earthquake Clearinghouse is testing new middleware that would create a virtual network to make knowledge sharing and response more effective.

Social Network for Emergencies to Launch in San Francisco
May 08, 2013 - The site aims to connect citizens willing to offer resources and services after a disaster occurs.

Sacramento, Calif.'s 311 App Helps Create Well-Managed City
April 24, 2013 - The app links directory into some city departments' work management systems, ensuring that a constituent complaint or photo goes to the right place.

Tracing the History of Biometrics
October 23, 2012 - The practice of distinguishing humans based on intrinsic physical or behavior traits goes back thousands of years.

Maricopa County, Ariz., Turns on ‘Spigit’ for Innovative Ideas
February 09, 2012 - The county is one of the largest governments in the U.S. to try the idea generation platform.

Raleigh, N.C., Drives Openness From All Angles
February 01, 2012 - Open data and open source software could make Raleigh open for more business.

Can Permitting Software Create Jobs?
January 18, 2012 - West Valley City, Utah, hopes that making permitting faster will help attract higher-paying industries.

Cascade County, Mont., Saves With Phone ‘Family Plan’
January 05, 2012 - County copes with cellphone costs by lumping departments' minutes into one shared plan.

Maui Catches a Clean Energy Wave
December 14, 2011 - Supporting local agriculture and biofuels isn't only a green initiative on the islands. It could help avert a disaster.

The Norman, Okla., ‘Green Team’ Never Stops
November 30, 2011 - Norman has been recognized for its green efforts for three straight years, and the same enthusiasm is being infused in new technology.

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