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1999 - An Odd Odyssey

December 30, 2009 By

The Y2K Bug - and confusion in years - click for more It was just ten short years ago that many of us were preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve - by working all night!

Anyone over 30 probably still remembers all the information technology work that went into preparing for Year 2000.

I'm going to dredge (!?) up some of my memories in the next few paragraphs, but if you have memories or stories of that December 31, 1999, evening, I invite you to leave them as a comment to this blog entry.

For many of us in Seattle, 1999 was not a good year.

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Comments    |    Commented March 2, 2010

Seems like you're doing all right during all these 10 years.Cause the results are so best.My best regards,Slowakei.    |    Commented April 11, 2010

Yea I remember 1999 and all the hoopla very well, but I don't think we will ever know if it was truly warranted or not! Lori, haunted Gettysburg    |    Commented June 7, 2010

We in the financial industry remember these events like they were yesterday. Why couldn't the dates just have been four digits from the start? Erwin from hellowallet    |    Commented June 13, 2010

Many people laugh today about the big Y2K scare, but it was a huge deal in 1999. Many people were holding their breath on that New Years day. Jill, refinance mortgage rates

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