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Redefining Citizen Engagement in a Mobile-First World

Today’s consumers are embracing the ease and convenience of anytime, anywhere access to the Internet from their mobile devices. In order for government and public sector organizations to fully engage with their citizens and provide similar service quality as their consumer counterparts, the time is now to shift to mobile citizen engagement. Learn more

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and Threat Intelligence Exchange

As a part of the Intel® Security product offering, McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange work together to provide organizations with exactly what they need to fight advanced threats. You get the situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and instantaneous speed to immediately identify, respond to, and proactively neutralize threats in just milliseconds.

Better security. Better government.

Powering security at all levels of government with simpler, more connected IT.

Cybersecurity in an "All-IP World" Are You Prepared?

In a recent survey conducted by Public CIO, over 125 respondents shared how they protect their environments from cyber threats and the challenges they see in an all-IP world. Read how your cybersecurity strategies and attitudes compare with your peers.

Is Your IT Team Plagued with Password Recovery Requests? [Case Study]

Robust security measures are critical in government at all levels – but passwords and the support required by IT to manage passwords can drain productivity. Read on to see how the city of Houston overcame this challenge and is on track to recapture the time of three IT employees that was once spent on password recovery tasks.

Maintain Your IT Budget with Consistent Compliance Practices

Between the demands of meeting federal IT compliance mandates, increasing cybersecurity threats, and ever-shrinking budgets, it’s not uncommon for routine maintenance tasks to slip among state and local government IT departments. If it’s been months, or even only days, since you have maintained your systems, your agency may not be prepared for a compliance audit—and that could have severe financial consequences. Regardless of your mission, consistent systems keep your data secure, your age

Best Practice Guide for Cloud and As-A-Service Procurements

While technology service options for government continue to evolve, procurement processes and policies have remained firmly rooted in practices that are no longer effective. This guide, built upon the collaborative work of state and local government and industry executives, outlines and explains the changes needed for more flexible and agile procurement processes.

Fresh Ideas In Online Security for Public Safety Organizations

Lesley Carhart, Senior Information Security Specialist at Motorola Solutions, knows that online and computer security are more challenging than ever. Personal smartphones, removable devices like USB storage drives, and social media have a significant impact on security. In “Fresh Ideas in Online Security for Public Safely Organizations,” Lesley provides recommendations to improve your online security against threats from social networks, removable devices, weak passwords and digital photos.

Meeting Constituents Where They Are With Dynamic, Real-Time Mobile Engagement

Leveraging the proven and open Kofax Mobile Capture Platform, organizations can rapidly integrate powerful mobile engagement solutions across the spectrum of mobile image capture, mobile data capture and complete mobile process integration. Kofax differentiates itself by extending capture to mobility, supporting multiple points of constituent engagement. Kofax solutions dynamically orchestrate the user’s mobile experience from a single platform—reducing time to market, improving process perf

Public Safety 2019

Motorola conducted an industry survey on the latest trends in public safety communications. The results provide an outlook of what technology is in store for your agency in the next five years. Download the results to gain this valuable insight.

Improving Emergency Response with Digital Communications

Saginaw County, Mich., increases interoperability, communication and collaboration with a digital voice and data network, as well as modern computer-aided dispatch.

Reduce Talk Time in Your Support Center by 40%

As the amount of information available to citizens and employees grows each year, so do customer expectations for efficient service. Contextual Knowledge makes information easy to find, dropping resolution times and skyrocketing satisfaction.

Emerging Technology Adoption in Local Government

In a recent survey conducted by Government Technology, 125 local government leaders shared their challenges, benefits and priorities when adopting emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility and IP. Read how your jurisdiction’s adoption of technology compares to your peers.

Reducing Conflict Among Officials During a Crisis

Conflict among elected and career officials during a crisis can breed distrust to the point where the overall response effort suffers. This is particularly true when the issue is information sharing in a crisis. This paper explores the conflict that can arise among career and

Solving the Security Puzzle

This white paper unveils best practices and technology solutions that help government agencies minimize the risk of security breaches by proactively closing vulnerability gaps caused by insufficient visibility into user activity, siloed security systems and manual practices. It provides a unique point of view on the current state of security in government based on analysis from leading security experts, new intelligence on threats, and Dell Software’s deep experience with all branches of gover

Mobility, M2M Technology & Election Results

In Michigan and Minnesota counties, wireless voting via the AT&T network has brought speed, efficiency and accuracy to elections – another illustration of how mobility and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology help governments to bring superior services and communication to constituents.

Learn Why VDC Ranks Digital Radios Over Cell Phones

When VDC Research surveyed more than 800 professionals on their mobile investment, 45% stated dissatisfaction with consumer-grade devices. Read the study to find out why.

Migrating Your Applications to the Cloud

Organizations need to consider automating the application compatibility assessment process, and they should expect to adopt a hybrid migration model, with several virtual and hosting solutions and some applications remaining in the native deployment. This white paper explains challenges, risks and benefits of migration, and the key questions to ask to ensure success.

Simplifying Change Management in Government

Find out how the Indiana Office of Technology streamlined processing and created greater visibility in its financial system by utilizing an agile change management solution to automate procedures.

Government IT Survey Results Reveal Key Data Priorities

As communications technology evolves and next generation capabilities start to transform the functions of government and public safety agencies, Motorola continuously engages with US government and public safety IT decision makers to understand their top priorities. We conducted a comprehensive blind survey in 2012 and this paper highlights industry views collected.

Public Safety Apps Help Keep Officers, Public Safe

In the past, non-mobile technology limited police officer and public safety personnel's ability to get the information they needed when they needed it. But public safety apps are allowing officers to access computer-aided dispatch and records management systems with the click of the button, on the move.

Developing apps in your local government? Train IT in security best practices first.

Interactive security awareness training helps Westchester County IT developers proactively protect data.

Notes to SharePoint Migration without Breaking the Bank

A successful migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft requires understanding some fundamental differences between the two environments. Learn more by reading this white paper

Private Cloud and Software as a Service

Cloud models deliver the advantages of a shared IT infrastructure, plus the security and control that agencies require.

Government-to-Government IT Services: What Works and What's Left to Work Out

This paper offers some best practices for shared government-to-government services, but also points out challenges that government and industry still must overcome before this model gains widespread adoption.

Counter Stealth Attacks

Professional hackers learn early on to cover their tracks. The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient and effective risk migration. McAfee is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to keep our customers safe.

Best Practices for SharePoint Dev and Customization

This white paper explores the challenges that SharePoint developers face and details a set of best practices for responding to those challenges, so that you can make the most of your SharePoint investment.

A Governance Guide for Hybrid SharePoint Migrations

This white paper discusses some of the benefits and risks of hybrid SharePoint deployments, and presents governance considerations that are essential for ensuring a successful migration.

From storage room to treasury.

Information follows the Golden Rule—be good to it and it will be good to you. Learn how a re-investment in information management can turn forgettable files into a portfolio of assets.

Wireless Networks Enable Near-Instant Reporting of Election Results

Minnesota and Michigan counties deliver accurate voting numbers in minutes on election night with the help of AT&T’s cellular network.

Achieve Deeper Network Security and Application Control

Want to safeguard your organization from today’s ever-evolving threats? Get a next-generation firewall (NGFW) that delivers a deeper level of network security and application control. Read this white paper to learn how to stay productive while blocking new threats as they emerge.

In Magnolia, TX ASTRO® 25 Network and Radios Get a Baptism By Wildfire Case Study

Just as the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department was enhancing its ASTROP25 solution with new dual-band radios, the Riley Road wildfire broke out. Learn more about what happened during that devastating wildfire over one grueling week.

10 Requirements for a Successful Oracle R12 Upgrade

This white paper provides 10 key best practices to help your organization effectively manage change to your ERP systems, with particular attention to upgrading to R12.

Virtual Reality

Tight budgets, the need for flexibility and security fears encourage organizations to get serious about server virtualization.

Teamwork of Tomorrow

This paper explores how government agencies are using new technologies to save costs. A recent survey by the Center for Digital Government found that county agencies across the country are using technologies like virtualization and Unified Communications (UC) to capture critical savings. The piece provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of unified communications, describing both hosted and on-premise options, and includes a detailed case study on how Sprint deployed unified communication

Mobile app further prepares citizens for emergencies

Learn how the County of San Diego is going mobile with apps like SD Emergency to help citizens prepare, plan and stay informed.

Committing to Safety

Find out how one of the most high-profile psychiatric hospitals in California improved staff safety with an innovative tracking, alarm and response system.

From Card Catalogs to Computers

Learn about technologies fueling three libraries across the country.

Public Safety Mobile Apps for 4G Networks

An unprecedented opportunity to improve public safety through the development and sharing of mobile applications will be made possible through the creation of the FirstNet network. However, at present no comprehensive model exists for the development of such nationwide, public safety focused applications. This paper discusses how governments and public safety officials can build off of the private sector’s mobile ecosystem, and work collaboratively to deploy targeted and secure public safety m

The 5 Pillars of SharePoint Governance-Security

This tech brief explains how Quest's solutions for SharePoint - particularly Server Administrator for SharePoint and Site Administrator for SharePoint - will optimize your SharePoint security governance program.

LTE Device Management: What You Need To Know

This white paper explains how to plan for this new wave of innovative devices and how to take advantage of built-in management and security features that ease deployment and increase security.

Health IT and Data Access Governance for the Public Sector

New regulations have made effective, efficient data governance even more critical for health-related enterprises. This business brief outlines six steps to help your organization establish and maintain a comprehensive data access governance strategy in order to provide secure, effective and trustworthy health IT services.

Reshaping the Data Center Landscape

Server, storage and power optimization offers ways to boost utilization and improve manageability.

Data Loss Prevention Reference Guide

A guide to refreshing data security to meet an evolving threat environment.

Overcoming the Challenges of Database Patching in Production Environments

A rational approach to achieving compliance to reduce downtime, testing and resource requirements.

Cloud Formations

In order to make the most of cloud computing technology, organizations need to lay a solid foundation of network infrastructure.

Meeting the CJIS Mandate for Advanced Authentication

This paper provides an overview of the CJIS requirements, presents various technology options, discusses considerations when implementing advanced authentication and offers best practices for meeting the CJIS mandate.

Georgia’s Big Win

Georgia goes to the private sector for major improvement with network transformation.

Lenovo Laptops for Will County Sherriff's Office Case Study

Cost-effective, durable laptops help The Will County, Illinois Sheriff's Office detectives solve cases faster.

Unified Communications

Collaboration technologies yield staffing, productivity and budget efficiencies for agencies. This white paper outlines the attributes, requirements and benefits of UC, including data, voice and video convergence, and optimized video conferencing.

Cloud Computing Reference Guide

Learn how to harness cloud computing to reduce costs and boost agility. Includes detailed information on private and public clouds, and how to choose the right one for your agency.

Government Guide: The Transformation of Voice

Delivering county and city services is about what you do - not where you are. With IP-based Voice Transformation Solutions from AT&T, you can take government services into the community, staying connected from virtually anywhere.

WHITEPAPER: D Block Spectrum Act and the FirstNet Broadband Network. What does it all mean?

On Feb 22, 2012, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 was enacted into law. This law will ensure the establishment of a nationwide, interoperable public safety broadband network in every state and territory in the U.S. Learn about the new law and what you can do to prepare for it now.

Pay-Per-Use Data Storage You Can Access Anywhere

Government agencies are centralizing applications management and hosting in an effort to reduce complexity, contain costs, comply with governance procedures, and get more value from IT investments. Get streamlined access to your data and applications through flexible and comprehensive hosting and application management solutions tailored to meet your agency’s needs.

Payment Card Industry Compliance in Government

How can government agencies ensure they are properly protecting cardholder data, and most importantly, instilling trust in constituents so they continue to complete transactions online? The answer is to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards. This paper provides valuable information to government agencies about the complicated topic of PCI compliance so they can benefit from online transactions without the risk of non-compliance.

Positioning Your Community to Thrive

This paper discusses and provides examples of the various ways local government can use technology to ultimately make a community more attractive to businesses, visitors and residents.

Creating and Implementing a Holistic Mobility Strategy

This policy paper, a joint venture between Governing, state and local government CIOs and AT&T, is intended to help policy and IT leaders in government develop an enterprise-wide mobile strategy to turn information into better citizen outcomes.

Cybersecurity: Managing the Complexity

Protecting your data is as important as protecting your cash – because anything that threatens your information systems threatens your enterprise. Are you Prepared?

Data Center Optimization Reference Guide

A guide to bringing efficiency and improved services to the infrastructure. Topics include optimization strategies, software essentials, and management and process improvements.

A new way of organizing collaborative work

Communities of Practice have the potential to transform government. Learn what they are and how they can encourage heightened group thinking, lead to innovations and efficiencies and enhance the relationship between the government and its citizenry.

Efficient I.T. in the Tight Budget Era

Focusing on key areas, such as virtualization, mobile computing and document management, to inexpensively modernize IT systems.

California County streamlines identity and access management for greater efficiency

California County streamlines identity and access management for greater efficiency

San Bernardino County uses tools from Quest Software for flexible and secure identity and access management.

Continuity with Cloud Solutions: Improve Response and Reduce Time to Recover

Cloud solutions provide agility, flexibility and scalability to government agencies. In an emergency situation where an agency’s infrastructure and resources are impacted, prioritization and restoration become critical elements of a disaster recovery plan. The flexibility of cloud services helps agencies make adjustments to processing capacity on demand.

Working Together to Improve Public Safety

Find out how the Wake County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina enabled better data sharing and reduced IT workload with innovative solutions from Dell Software.

Digital Cities & Digital Counties Survey: Best Practice Guide

This Best Practice Guide helps address some of these weaknesses by highlighting the best practices displayed by cities and counties that are managing to move the needle and innovate.

Change Made Simpler

Denver technology leaders use Stat for PeopleSoft from Quest Software to manage changes, streamline updates and patches, and make audits easier to comply with.

CIOs Redefine Local Government and Industry Relations

Based off of discussions of the Digital Communities Large Jurisdiction Chief Information Officer (CIO) Working Group, this white paper aims to answer the question, "In today's economic, political and business environment, what constitutes a successful relationship between government and industry?" Cause for Optimism identifies and clarifies the issues that separate government and industry, and begins to find an answer to the question necessary for both to enjoy a successful and prosperou

Preventing Active Directory Disasters

AD disasters can happen, and that dreaded day can arrive if you’re lacking protection in key areas. While AD’s built-in features will keep AD running after some kinds of failures, there are others from which it cannot bounce back. This paper presents five AD disaster case studies and how they might have been prevented or repaired more quickly with proper planning tools.

No More Guesswork

Colorado Springs implements Quest Foglight to monitor its many applications and solve problems more efficiently.

Secure Your Data with Identity & Access Governance

This white paper explains why current identity management and access control approaches are insufficient to secure your data.

Faster Information, Smarter Policing

Find out how the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office improved response time, efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and safety by implementing cutting-edge public safety applications.

The Best Practices Guide for Local Government

The inaugural Cities and Counties Best Practice Guide was created in direct response to the interest in collaboration and desire by the local government community to share best practices with each other, and find out how others are coping and overcoming the recent seismic shifts in the economy. Local government best practices are highlighted throughout seven major categories of service delivery, that will open the door to collaboration and spur innovation throughout the country.

Single Sign-On Boosts Productivity and Security

Learn how the Hawaii Department of Education increased worker productivity and IT security by implementing an identity and access management solution featuring single sign-on.

2013 Public Safety Survey Results Now Available

Motorola conducted a survey on current and emerging mission-critical communication initiatives early this year. The results of the survey are now available and reveal; trends in high-speed data access for first responders; the types of data devices used by first responders; the impact video is having on public safety operations and much more.

Next Generation Networks for Public Safety

New improvements to network capabilities are now allowing first responders, agencies and jurisdictions to share real-time data using data applications enabled by wireless broadband to address local, regional and national events, save lives and improve safety. This paper explores how building the infrastructure from the ground up, investing in new technology, sharing costs and implementing best practices enables the next generation capabilities needed for a safer nation.

Realize the OpEx Cost Savings of Virtualization Technology

Internal IT departments often provide a better value than outsourced solutions, it can be a challenge for them to demonstrate their value, accurately calculate their costs and provide IT services as expeditiously as possible. By using virtualization in the ways detailed in this paper, you’ll be able to deliver transparency into datacenter capital expenses and reduce these costs through server consolidation.

The Future of the Desktop in Government

Until recently, there was no alternative to the familiar desktop computer, and its expensive upgrades and maintenance requirements. For cash-strapped local governments, the desktop computer is quickly becoming an unsustainable option for future progress. Now, a technology known as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers an alternative. It can be significantly more affordable than buying individual computers for every employee, and it provides similar capability. This paper shows how VDI is t

9-1-1 Innovation in the Volunteer State - Q3 2013

Learn how the State of Tennessee is transforming legacy analog 9-1-1 to an advanced, statewide 9-1-1 IP infrastructure.

Software Reference Guide

In-depth information on bringing a comprehensive approach to software assets.

Revealed: Operation Shady RAT

An investigation of targeted intrusions into 70+ global companies, governments and non-profit organizations during the last 5 years.

Client Virtualization

With more computing device options entering the workplace, client virtualization's traditional benefits become even more appealing.

Public Safety Guide: From Call to Car to Crisis - Q 1&2 2013

Learn about Solutions to Increase First Responder and Community Safety.

Mission Critical Communications, Designed to a Tougher Standard White Paper

Discover why commercial communication networks are not enough and often fail when used in a public safety environment. Learn how public safety networks are designed specifically to perform when lives are at stand and every second counts.

Counter Stealth Attacks

Professional hackers learn early on to cover their tracks. The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient and effective risk migration. McAfee is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to keep our customers safe.

Ensure High Availability for Your Oracle Database

Tech Brief: Ensuring High Availability for Critical Systems and Applications Using SharePlex® to Ensure Your Oracle Databases Are Always Up and Running

Public Safety Enters The Collective Intelligence Era White Paper

Learn how high speed, mission-critical wireless communications are helping first responders overcome public safety enemy #1: the unknown. By Paul Steinberg, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions.

Secure Your Data with Closed Loop Identity and Access Governance

White paper: Secure Your Data with Closed-Loop Identity & Access Governance

County of San Diego Improves Mobile Work Force

The County of San Diego is known for its beauty but the topography presents a challenge to keep technology running and workers productive. By utilizing a mobility VPN solution, local agency employees had a constant network connection that enabled them to be more productive and efficient.

Case Study: Park District Plans Continuity in the Cloud

"Our two facilities were only about five miles apart. A major event such as an earthquake or natural disaster would likely take them both out," said East Bay Regional Park District IT Director Jim Tallerico.

Digital Cities & Counties Survey: Best Practices Quick Reference Guide

This Best Practices Quick Reference Guide is a compilation of examples from the 2013 Digital Cities and Counties Surveys showcasing the innovative ways local governments are using technological tools to respond to the needs of their communities. It is our hope that by calling attention to just a few examples from cities and counties of all sizes, we will encourage further collaboration and spark additional creativity in local government service delivery.

The Business of Application Performance Monitoring

Organizations need an application performance monitoring (APM) solution that supports their IT goals, regardless of their maturity level. This includes the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of application issues before they impact end users, violate service levels, or negatively impact the business. This business brief addresses many important considerations.

4G/LTE Broadband Networks

Discover the benefits of standards-based, 4G/LTE Broadband Networks built for Government and Public Safety needs.

Shifting Landscape: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in the Local Government Workforce

This paper is an overview of the issues currently challenging local government executives seeking to build and maintain a successful and proactive workforce. The paper includes topics for discussion and resources leaders can use in creating their own strategies for hiring, as well as tips to engage and instruct their peer-level local government human resources executives.

The 12 Essential Tasks of Active Directory Domain Services

Learn how you can reduce AD workloads through the implementation of proper management, automation and administration tools.

State of Nebraska At Forefront Of Modern Communications

Learn how two of Nebraska’s key public service agencies joined forces to bridge communication gaps with a statewide interoperable communication system that improved safety and service, and increased savings.

Colorado Boosts Cybersecurity with Real-Time Situational Awareness

Find out how the Colorado Office of Information Technology went from a $6,000 budget for cybersecurity to real-time situational awareness that protects the state from cybercrime.

Public Safety Solution Guide

An in-depth look at the latest public safety IT solutions. Case study topics include toughbooks, wearable cameras and evidence management software.

Engage Citizens - A mobile app for all

Big city services. Small town feel. The AT&T Community Central application is changing the way citizens and their communities engage, from two-way communication to service requests and public transportation. Download this document to learn how this innovative application is giving smaller communities, a big time presence.

Quest Solutions for Simpler Windows Management

Quest Software provides a full spectrum of solutions for physical and virtual infrastructures. Quest is a two-time Microsoft Global ISV Partner of the Year, and provides solutions for Active Directory, Exchange, Office Communications Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, PowerShell and desktop virtualization.

Key Considerations When Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

Many organizations are considering a migration from their current messaging platforms to Microsoft Office 365. However, they may not have experience with the migration process and specific requirements when transitioning to the cloud. This paper outlines some of the requirements and obstacles to consider when planning such a transition. It also describes some of the solutions available to assist with the transition. The information presented is primarily intended for organizations migrating from

Using Wireless Technology to Manage and Optimize Government Fleets

Using Wireless Technology to Manage and Optimize Government Fleets: Saving Money, Generating Revenues, and Increasing Safety. The paper discusses the challenges federal, state and local government agencies currently face with their government fleets; how mobile technology can help; considerations when selecting a mobile solutions partner; and the benefits of choosing Sprint. Specifically, Frost & Sullivan highlights Sprint’s fleet expertise, its powerful networks, and advanced partnerships t

Real Time for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Real Time for McAfee ePO collects McAfee endpoint security product status instantly. This real-time visibility enables you to act on the most recent intelligence and enhance situational awareness.

Affordable Care Act: Public Sector Mandate Update

The Affordable Care Act sets a deadline of January 1, 2013, for the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, HHS, to approve states' plans for their HIXs, which must be up and running by January 1, 2014.

2011 Unified Communications Tracking Poll

Monitors attitudes, approaches and progress toward the adoption of unified communications technology. In its third year, this poll surveys 900 IT professionals to track progress and determine what challenges hinder progress and how organizations can successfully deploy UC technology.

Government on the Go

State and local government agencies maximize productivity with their increasingly mobile workforces.

NYC Department of IT and Telecommunications

New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) oversees the use of technology in city government operations. DoITT supports approximately 150,000 city employees spread across more than 100 agencies, offices, boards, and commissions. The agency is responsible for the management and improvement of IT infrastructure and service delivery within New York City government— from networks to mobile apps and data centers to datasets—for the city’s eight million res

Technical Overview of McAfee Real-Time Database Monitoring, Auditing, and Intrusion Prevention

Databases are repositories of the most valuable information assets in the enterprise. And yet, in many organizations today, they are poorly protected. Databases can and must be secured as well as or better than any systems in the enterprise.

Performance and Progress

A Maryland county raises efficiency and creates opportunities with IT management software.

The New Reality of Stealth Crimeware

Take the stealth, creativity, and patience of Stuxnet. Add the commercialism, wide distribution, and easy-to-use tool kits of Zeus. Consider that despite more than years of activity, as of May 2011, neither of these cyber criminal teams has been exposed. You now understand the recipe—and potency—of today’s malware. Start planning now. It will take more than signatures and operating system-level protections to protect your intellectual property and other assets against criminals wielding th

Keeping IT in Shape

Learn how a Texas agency is leveraging an Active Directory solution to improve data recovery capability and improve IT efficiency

Texas Transformation: A five-year contract with AT&T improves the state’s network and security

Texas partners with AT&T to update its network and improve data security and efficiency.

Best Practice for Migrating SharePoint to the Cloud

This white paper outlines best practice for migrating on-premises SharePoint environment to a new cloud-based deployment. This paper explores popular cloud options

Capitalizing on Collaboration

To cope with the recession, state and local governments have had to come up with innovative solutions to continue the public’s work – a more collaborative type of government where jurisdictions find strength in numbers and a more efficient way of governing through shared services approaches.

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