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Digital Cities & Counties Survey: Best Practices Quick Reference Guide
This Best Practices Quick Reference Guide is a compilation of examples from the 2013 Digital Cities and Counties Surveys showcasing the innovative ways local governments are using technological tools to respond to the needs of their communities. It is our hope that by calling attention to just a few examples from cities and counties of all sizes, we will encourage further collaboration and spark additional creativity in local government service delivery. more

Why Would a City Proclaim Their Data “Open by Default?”
The City of Palo Alto, California, a 2013 Center for Digital Government Digital City Survey winner, has officially proclaimed “open” to be the default setting for all city data. Are they courageous or crazy? more


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Say "Yes" to Mobile Devices

Control, compliance, and convenience. The tension between these factors has made it difficult for IT to consent to enterprise user demands to use their preferred mobile devices. Now, IT can wield control over mobile devices to match its ability to manage laptops and other endpoints, using the same management and reporting tools.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Government agencies considering the implementation of two-factor authentication must understand this approach’s requirements and should follow best practices to make it work. Read this paper to learn about combining multiple authentication mechanisms for a higher degree of security.

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Health IT and Data Access Governance for the Public Sector: 6 Steps to Meeting Mandates and Ensuring Security, Reliability and Trust

New regulations have made effective, efficient data governance even more critical for health-related enterprises. This business brief outlines six steps to help your organization establish and maintain a comprehensive data access governance strategy in order to provide secure, effective and trustworthy health IT services.

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Migrating Your Applications to the Cloud

White paper: Migrating Your Applications to the Cloud: How to Overcome Challenges and Reduce the Costs

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State of Nebraska At Forefront Of Modern Communications

Learn how two of Nebraska’s key public service agencies joined forces to bridge communication gaps with a statewide interoperable communication system that improved safety and service, and increased savings.

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Cloud Formations

In order to make the most of cloud computing technology, organizations need to lay a solid foundation of network infrastructure.

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County of San Diego Improves Mobile Work Force

The County of San Diego is known for its beauty but the topography presents a challenge to keep technology running and workers productive. By utilizing a mobility VPN solution, local agency employees had a constant network connection that enabled them to be more productive and efficient.

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Using Wireless Technology to Manage and Optimize Government Fleets

Using Wireless Technology to Manage and Optimize Government Fleets: Saving Money, Generating Revenues, and Increasing Safety. The paper discusses the challenges federal, state and local government agencies currently face with their government fleets; how mobile technology can help; considerations when selecting a mobile solutions partner; and the benefits of choosing Sprint. Specifically, Frost & Sullivan highlights Sprint’s fleet expertise, its powerful networks, and advanced partnerships that work in concert to provide government fleets with the ability to: Save money, Generate new revenues, Enhance safety, Help the environment, Increase the availability and transparency of information to the public

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The New Reality of Stealth Crimeware

Take the stealth, creativity, and patience of Stuxnet. Add the commercialism, wide distribution, and easy-to-use tool kits of Zeus. Consider that despite more than years of activity, as of May 2011, neither of these cyber criminal teams has been exposed. You now understand the recipe—and potency—of today’s malware. Start planning now. It will take more than signatures and operating system-level protections to protect your intellectual property and other assets against criminals wielding these weapons.

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Unified and Intelligent Identity and Access Management

Learn how unified and intelligent approach to identity and access management simplifies a number of key tasks: provisioning, single sign-on, role management, multifactor authentication, privileged account management, and password management.

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California Police Department Turns Patrol Cars Into Mobile Access Points

Sprint partners with the San Jose Police Department to create a mobile office environment in patrol cars.


Digital Communities Exclusive

Connecting Communities: Using Cloud based Mobile Applications to Communicate

Are you looking to provide a better way to communicate, collaborate and engage citizens? Does your current mobility landscape work for you? Join Digital Communities for a live teleconference as we discuss ways to use Mobile Applications to efficiently communicate with citizens on the go.

Digital Communities Exclusive

Just As Medical Claims Processing Was Improving, the Standards Are About to Change

Have you considered the impact that the new CMS forms and ICD coding standards will have on your organization's ability to reduce or maintain low error rates when processing CMS claim forms? Despite recent improvements in waste reduction, new standards for processing health care insurance claims could increase costs as insurance payers adjust to the new standards.

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Turning Local Business Owners Into Rock Stars: Best Practices In Getting Through the “Red Tape”

How do you make it easier for business owners to open and operate businesses in your community? Are outdated systems making it difficult to manage your licensing approval processes and renewals? Join Digital Communities for a live teleconference as we discuss best practices in business licensing technology to improve customer service and increase revenue-generating activities.

Digital Communities Exclusive

IT Procurement Reform: California Task Force Roadmap for Success

Like many governments, California faced challenges when procuring and executing major IT projects. With a $4.5 billion dollar price tag riding on 54 major IT projects, the Governor convened a Task Force to identify weaknesses and “provide the best thinking” to keep California IT initiatives on time, within budget and within scope.

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White Papers


Public Safety Apps Help Keep Officers, Public Safe

In the past, non-mobile technology limited police officer and public safety personnel's ability to get the information they needed when they needed it. But public safety apps are allowing officers to access computer-aided dispatch and records management systems with the click of the button, on the move.


Wireless Networks Enable Near-Instant Reporting of Election Results

Minnesota and Michigan counties deliver accurate voting numbers in minutes on election night with the help of AT&T’s cellular network.


Developing apps in your local government? Train IT in security best practices first.

Interactive security awareness training helps Westchester County IT developers proactively protect data.


Colorado Boosts Cybersecurity with Real-Time Situational Awareness

Find out how the Colorado Office of Information Technology went from a $6,000 budget for cybersecurity to real-time situational awareness that protects the state from cybercrime.

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Best Practices and Case Studies

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Wireless Reporting Takes Pain (& Wait) out of Voting

In Michigan and Minnesota counties, wireless voting via the AT&T network has brought speed, efficiency and accuracy to elections - another illustration of how mobility and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology help governments to bring superior services and communication to constituents.

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Achieve Deeper Network Security and Application Control

Want to safeguard your organization from today’s ever-evolving threats? Get a next-generation firewall (NGFW) that delivers a deeper level of network security and application control. Read this white paper to learn how to stay productive while blocking new threats as they emerge.

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A new way of organizing collaborative work

Communities of Practice have the potential to transform government. Learn what they are and how they can encourage heightened group thinking, lead to innovations and efficiencies and enhance the relationship between the government and its citizenry.

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From storage room to treasury.

Information follows the Golden Rule—be good to it and it will be good to you. Learn how a re-investment in information management can turn forgettable files into a portfolio of assets.

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Can a Book Club Improve Government?

Imagine spending your lunch break at a book club meeting. That’s what some Baltimore city employees do and it’s inspired changes throughout the city.


6 Books Public Employees and Managers Should Read

Entering a leadership role? Want a promotion? Need a better work-life balance? These six books (and one guide) might help.

GOVERNING Management Series

Happy City: Transforming Our Lives through Urban Design

Today, more than half of the world’s people live in cities, by 2030, almost 5 billion of us will be urban, and yet cities are not being designed to make us happy. Should they?

GOVERNING Management Series

Governing Generations: An Earth Shattering Ka-Boom

An Earth Shattering Ka-Boom: Governing Generations eBook on the impacts of Aging in America on State and Local Government