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Digital Cities & Counties Survey: Best Practices Quick Reference Guide
April 2014
This Best Practices Quick Reference Guide is a compilation of examples from the 2013 Digital Cities and Counties Surveys showcasing the innovative ways local governments are using technological tools to respond to the needs of their communities. It is our hope that by calling attention to just a few examples from cities and counties of all sizes, we will encourage further collaboration and spark additional creativity in local government service delivery.

Why Would a City Proclaim Their Data “Open by Default?”
March 2014
The City of Palo Alto, California, a 2013 Center for Digital Government Digital City Survey winner, has officially proclaimed “open” to be the default setting for all city data. Are they courageous or crazy?

Connecting Communities: Using Cloud based Mobile Applications to Communicate
March 2014
Are you looking to provide a better way to communicate, collaborate and engage citizens? Does your current mobility landscape work for you? Join Digital Communities for a live teleconference as we discuss ways to use Mobile Applications to efficiently communicate with citizens on the go.

Just As Medical Claims Processing Was Improving, the Standards Are About to Change
March 2014
Have you considered the impact that the new CMS forms and ICD coding standards will have on your organization's ability to reduce or maintain low error rates when processing CMS claim forms? Despite recent improvements in waste reduction, new standards for processing health care insurance claims could increase costs as insurance payers adjust to the new standards.

Turning Local Business Owners Into Rock Stars: Best Practices In Getting Through the “Red Tape”
February 2014
How do you make it easier for business owners to open and operate businesses in your community? Are outdated systems making it difficult to manage your licensing approval processes and renewals? Join Digital Communities for a live teleconference as we discuss best practices in business licensing technology to improve customer service and increase revenue-generating activities.

IT Procurement Reform: California Task Force Roadmap for Success
January 2014
Like many governments, California faced challenges when procuring and executing major IT projects. With a $4.5 billion dollar price tag riding on 54 major IT projects, the Governor convened a Task Force to identify weaknesses and “provide the best thinking” to keep California IT initiatives on time, within budget and within scope.

Harrison County’s 21st Century Crime Fighting Strategy
December 2013
Harrison County is located along the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. It has a fruitful fish and shrimping industry, resorts, gaming, and the world's longest man made beach which helps drive tourism. But local law enforcement agencies were frustrated with disparate systems, separate administrative processes and living in a “pen and paper” world. But how could they bring together radio dispatch, police response, reporting, booking and tracking all in one system?

Positioning Your Community to Thrive
December 2013
This paper discusses and provides examples of the various ways local government can use technology to ultimately make a community more attractive to businesses, visitors and residents.

The Power of Data: Smart Policing through the Real-Time Crime Center
December 2013
How do you enhance officer safety? How can you put your data to work? Real-Time Crime Centers are emerging around the country and the demand for smart technology and data to enhance crime fighting has become vital.

A Developer’s Dream: How Oregon State Government Was Able to Accelerate Economic Growth
December 2013
Tired of hearing builders and contractors complain about permits? So were the hard-working employees at Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services. So, when they were able to offer the nation’s first statewide, electronic building permits system – it was love at first sight.

Big Time Presence, Small Community Feel: New Trends in Citizen Engagement
November 2013
Delivering the best your community has to offer and engaging your citizens, is the highest calling of the public sector. All localities – both big and small - face certain challenges when it comes to developing effective ways to communicate.

The City of McAllen, Texas, Keeps Up with Nonstop Growth by Automating the Permitting and Inspection Process
November 2013
Nonstop growth motivated the City of McAllen, Texas (population of 130,000), to make it easier for building developers and trade professionals around the state to work with the city. In response, McAllen implemented a solution that decreased the amount of time it takes to issue commercial and residential building permits and conduct inspections.

What Does A Local Government Data Center Supporting 100,000 Employees Look Like?
October 2013
Join Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government’s Digital Communities Program for a webinar detailing how Los Angeles County has created a data center that supports 37 distinct services to over 10,000,000 people spread over 4,000 square miles.

Cyber Security = Serious Business
October 2013
Cyber threats are real, they’re growing, and every agency or jurisdiction is at risk. Government entities store a wealth of personal information from financial accounts to social security numbers and health records.

How Technology Can Transform Data Into Actionable Intelligence
October 2013
Join Us To Learn Business Intelligence Strategies For Local Government Agencies—Put Your Data To Work

Securely Deploying Mobility/BYOD Solutions
October 2013
The current explosion in data and emerging mobility/BYOD technology have resulted in the need and expectation for users in state and local governments, colleges and universities, and healthcare organizations to be able to access data from any place, and on any device.

Digital Signatures in State & Local Gov't: Everything You Want (and Need) to Know
September 2013
Join ARX’s Mauricio Pinto, expert in digital signatures for state & local government, and K2’s Rob Joy in an educational session that will explore every consideration you should have as you evaluate digital or electronic signatures.

The Value of Application Management Services in Government
July 2013
Over the past few years, governments at all levels have been challenged with meeting business objectives and improving efficiencies in a cost-sensitive environment. With application sprawl and rising maintenance costs, IT departments are spending the large majority of their time, budget, and resources simply keeping applications running.

Hurricane Preparedness
May 2013
Make sure you are prepared for hurricane season before it is here. Join in this Digital Communities teleconference and gain insight on how to prepare from experts who have been on the ground during major hurricanes.

Government-to-Government IT Services: What Works and What's Left to Work Out
May 2013
This paper offers some best practices for shared government-to-government services, but also points out challenges that government and industry still must overcome before this model gains widespread adoption.