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Digital Cities & Counties Survey: Best Practices Quick Reference Guide
April 2014
This Best Practices Quick Reference Guide is a compilation of examples from the 2013 Digital Cities and Counties Surveys showcasing the innovative ways local governments are using technological tools to respond to the needs of their communities. It is our hope that by calling attention to just a few examples from cities and counties of all sizes, we will encourage further collaboration and spark additional creativity in local government service delivery.

Public Safety Apps Help Keep Officers, Public Safe
March 2014
In the past, non-mobile technology limited police officer and public safety personnel's ability to get the information they needed when they needed it. But public safety apps are allowing officers to access computer-aided dispatch and records management systems with the click of the button, on the move.

Wireless Networks Enable Near-Instant Reporting of Election Results
February 2014
Minnesota and Michigan counties deliver accurate voting numbers in minutes on election night with the help of AT&T’s cellular network.

Developing apps in your local government? Train IT in security best practices first.
February 2014
Interactive security awareness training helps Westchester County IT developers proactively protect data.

Colorado Boosts Cybersecurity with Real-Time Situational Awareness
January 2014
Find out how the Colorado Office of Information Technology went from a $6,000 budget for cybersecurity to real-time situational awareness that protects the state from cybercrime.

Positioning Your Community to Thrive
December 2013
This paper discusses and provides examples of the various ways local government can use technology to ultimately make a community more attractive to businesses, visitors and residents.

Simplifying Change Management in Government
November 2013
Find out how the Indiana Office of Technology streamlined processing and created greater visibility in its financial system by utilizing an agile change management solution to automate procedures.

Single Sign-On Boosts Productivity and Security
November 2013
Learn how the Hawaii Department of Education increased worker productivity and IT security by implementing an identity and access management solution featuring single sign-on.

Faster Information, Smarter Policing
October 2013
Find out how the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office improved response time, efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness and safety by implementing cutting-edge public safety applications.

Government-to-Government IT Services: What Works and What's Left to Work Out
May 2013
This paper offers some best practices for shared government-to-government services, but also points out challenges that government and industry still must overcome before this model gains widespread adoption.

Digital Cities & Digital Counties Survey: Best Practice Guide
March 2013
This Best Practice Guide helps address some of these weaknesses by highlighting the best practices displayed by cities and counties that are managing to move the needle and innovate.

Public Safety Mobile Apps for 4G Networks
March 2013
An unprecedented opportunity to improve public safety through the development and sharing of mobile applications will be made possible through the creation of the FirstNet network. However, at present no comprehensive model exists for the development of such nationwide, public safety focused applications. This paper discusses how governments and public safety officials can build off of the private sector’s mobile ecosystem, and work collaboratively to deploy targeted and secure public safety mobile applications.

Texas Transformation: A five-year contract with AT&T improves the state’s network and security
June 2012
Texas partners with AT&T to update its network and improve data security and efficiency.

LTE Device Management: What You Need To Know
April 2012
This white paper explains how to plan for this new wave of innovative devices and how to take advantage of built-in management and security features that ease deployment and increase security.