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City Leaders Meet to Discuss Social Media Policy for Bremerton, Wash.
October 31, 2014 - The Bremerton City Council met on Oct. 29 to discuss social media best practices and how to best communicate with citizens on various online platforms.

Report Cites Old Gear, Poor Training in VA Backlog
October 31, 2014 - The findings are part of a lengthy report by the Northern Virginia Technology Council, who said the VA's problems stem from a failure to update its systems for handling patients and to properly develop and retain its staff.

What has Travis County, Texas, Gotten for Spending $3.3 Million on Software?
October 31, 2014 - If Travis County continues with this software as originally budgeted, it would spend an additional $1 million to complete the software, plus an additional $4 million to put it in place.

'Widespread Harm' Likely from Cyberattack in Next Decade
October 30, 2014 - A majority of Internet experts think that by 2025, a major cyberattack will have caused widespread harm to a nation's security and capacity to defend itself and its people.

'Social Impact Bonds' Tap Private Money for Public Health
October 29, 2014 - More states are considering “social impact bonds” for multiyear projects in health, education and prisoner rehabilitation. Are they a good investment?

Advocacy Group Applies for Google Project
October 28, 2014 - Google announced a community outreach program that will provide updated satellite imagery for projects that “save lives, protect the environment, promote education, and positively impact humanity.”

Community Comes Together to Bring High-Speed Internet to Remote Colorado Town
October 27, 2014 - If too many people at this town's school used computers simultaneously, the previous Internet system timed out and reverted to the speed of a dial-up connection -- but that is no longer the case.

Lessons from the Grateful Dead on Replacing Workers with Technology
October 24, 2014 - If managers don't know when technology should replace people, they can destroy the product they're trying to create.

Big Data Research Effort Faces Student-Privacy Questions
October 23, 2014 - The initiative will be led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, who propose to construct a new data-sharing infrastructure that is distributed across multiple institutions, including third-party and for-profit vendors.

Google Exec Urges Educational System to Evolve with New 'Techweb' Generation
October 23, 2014 - Google Global Education Evangelist Jaime Casap explains how schools are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet in the new knowledge economy, and encourages educators to start rethinking how children are taught.

Local Governments Help Lead the Way to HHS Convergence (Industry Perspective)
October 21, 2014 - HHS convergence is a coordinated, agile and common sense approach that contributes to healthier residents, healthier communities and a healthier nation.

Colorado Springs' IT Department Can be Fixed for $1.7 Million, Chief of Staff Says
October 21, 2014 - The budget increase is for hardware and a redesign of the system, including close attention to network security.

Hampton Roads, Va., Police Agencies Quietly Sharing Telephone Data
October 21, 2014 - Participating police agencies are given special software, and agree to automatically upload collected phone data to a master database that is accessible to others within the network.

Voters will Decide Fate of Broadband Authority in Boulder, Colo.
October 20, 2014 - Issue 2C on the Boulder ballot would allow the city to provide its own broadband service to the public or to partner with private companies to expand access to the city's network.

Data Analytics and the Soup that Made You Sick
October 17, 2014 - How can 32 Chicago inspectors monitor 1,500 restaurants? Figuring out which ones aren't likely to pass inspection is a good start.

California Court Eliminates Hurdle to High-Speed Rail
October 16, 2014 - The California Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for further construction of the state's $68-billion bullet train when it declined to hear an appeal filed by Central Valley opponents of the controversial project.

CivicMakers Movement Spreading from Coast to Coast (Industry Perspective)
October 16, 2014 - While talking heads battle out their political agendas in daily opinion pieces and Sunday talk shows, regular citizens are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work in local governments and communities.

San Bernardino County, Calif., Website Lists Personalized Election Information
October 15, 2014 - With the new application, voters can get their registration status, polling place location, which districts they’re eligible to vote in, and other personalized information.

Accela Extends Platform with Government Outreach Acquisition
October 15, 2014 - Through Accela Citizen Relationship Management, the company says it will support all Government Outreach solutions and their customers will now have access to the Civic Platform.

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