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California Legislature Approves Drone Regulation
August 28, 2014 - A measure that regulates law enforcement use of drones was passed by California lawmakers and now awaits the decision of Gov. Jerry Brown.

Miami University Introduces Health IT Curriculum
August 28, 2014 - The program aims to prepare students for jobs in the field, which are expected to increase by 20 percent through 2018.

Consortium Forms to Push for Faster Internet Access in California Tri-County Area
August 28, 2014 - The Broadband Consortium Pacific Coast formed in early July, finding ways to motivate broadband providers to lay more fiber optics across Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, Again Delays Launch of Software System
August 28, 2014 - Set to replace the aging PeopleSoft system, the new software is designed to manage city financial data, including accounting, purchasing and benefits administration.

Digital Upgrades Speed Up Adams County, Pa.
August 27, 2014 - The upgrades, including replacement of the county's 17 existing network switches, will allow programs and data to be centralized on servers located in the courthouse.

Report Questions LAPD Computer Program to Flag Misconduct
August 26, 2014 - The report casts doubt on the usefulness of an early warning computer program that the LAPD has used since 2007 to track patterns of excessive force and other misconduct.

Living Large on a Small Footprint
August 25, 2014 - Engineers at MIT seek to make housing more affordable by reducing unit size without making the apartments feel smaller.

Miami-Dade Mayor Reacts to Ferguson, Wants Cameras on Every Officer
August 22, 2014 - Mayor Carlos Gimenez's strong words put Miami-Dade, one of the largest local governments in the country, on the forefront of a national debate over police cameras in the wake of the Ferguson shooting.

AT&T to Install Gigabit Internet Network in Cupertino, Calif.
August 22, 2014 - Cupertino is home to Apple, Inc., Seagate Technology, SugarCRM and several more tech companies. The city of 58,000 also is one of the wealthiest in the U.S.

‘Big Gig Challenge’ Seeks to Bolster Muni Fiber Projects in Northeast Ohio
August 21, 2014 - If cities don’t take charge of their own fate for high-speed Internet, they could be waiting years to get fiber infrastructure in their community.

Gigabit Broadband Speed Spreads Throughout Wisconsin
August 20, 2014 - Internet providers in Siren, Wis. and a handful of other rural towns now offer what's called gigabit broadband speed, adopting the saying 'big city technology and small town service.'

Maine Comes Out of the Dark and Into the Digital Age
August 20, 2014 - As Rockport, Maine lights its municipal gigabit fiber-optic network, many other towns across the state contemplate the economic and quality of life benefits fiber promises.

Local Governments Open Data with Performance Dashboard
August 18, 2014 - Pushed through Code for America's 2012 Accelerator, Revelstone is offering municipalities a chance to monitor operations and build public trust with its Public Performance Dashboard.

San Diego County to Modernize Criminal Case Management System
August 15, 2014 - The new system will provide real-time updates, data transfers, data exchanges and alerts to more than 50 agencies.

Rockport, Maine, Now Boasts Connection 35 Times Faster than San Francisco
August 15, 2014 - The town and its partners own the network and will make it available to any service provider that wants to connect homes and businesses.

Mexico City Launches Innovation Lab to Transform Itself
August 14, 2014 - Laboratorio para la Ciudad aims to help transform the city of 21 million people into a well connected digital metropolis.

Sweeping Computer Upgrades Coming for Glynn County, Ga.
August 13, 2014 - Glynn County Administrator Alan Ours said the economic recession of recent years forced departments to put off necessary upgrades until now.

San Juan County, N.M., Needs $2 Million to Upgrade Software
August 12, 2014 - The county's current software is expiring in the midst of coping with projected revenue losses, and as commissioners decide whether to cut services or raise taxes.

San Francisco Wonders if It's High Time to Regulate Mobile Pot Startup
August 11, 2014 - It’s the Department of Public Health’s turn to figure out how and whether to regulate this hazy new landscape.

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