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NewsWatch: Vint Cerf: For Real Internet Security, Start Over

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October 12, 2011 By

Video, a New Tool for the Police, Poses New Legal Issues, Too

When a man was fatally shot by a police officer on a street in Oakland, Calif., late last month, the shooting was captured by a video camera. But the video was not taken by an alert pedestrian with an iPhone. It was recorded by a device clipped onto the police officer’s chest. New York Times

Required Filters Making Fire Trucks Break Down

Fire trucks across the country are breaking down at record rates because of faulty filters the Environmental Protection Agency forces them to use.

Booting Hybrids From Carpool Lanes Backfires

Yanking the carpool privileges of solo hybrid drivers this summer backfired, adding congestion not only to regular freeway lanes but feeding a chain reaction that slowed carpooling motorists as well. San Francisco Chronicle

Boston Public Housing Going Smoke Free

Boston is set to become the first big city in Massachusetts - and the largest in the nation - to ban smoking in public housing, beginning in September 2012. In the next few weeks, about 25,000 tenants will receive letters announcing that their buildings will be smoke-free and that they will have to agree to the new policy when they sign their annual leases. Boston Globe

Three Colo. Counties Must Print Ballots in Spanish -- Down from 10

Costilla, Denver and Rio Grande - all counties that previously had to provide dual language ballots - are the only counties where populations of Spanish speakers with limited English skills have remained high enough to trigger the Voting Rights Act requirement for dual language ballots. Denver Post

Chicago to Merge Police, Fire Units

The Chicago Police Department will close three district police stations in 2012 — Wood, Belmont and Prairie — consolidate police and detective areas from five to three and merge Police and Fire Department headquarters and specialized units. Chicago Sun-Times

Expired License Plates in D.C. Could Mean Jail

The District may be the only place in the nation where police are authorized to arrest drivers if their plates are more than 30 days out of date. Washington Post

To Save Money, City Repeals Domestic Violence Law

The Topeka City Council on Tuesday voted to repeal the city’s law against misdemeanor domestic battery, the latest in a budget battle that has freed about 30 abuse suspects from charges. The vote was designed to force the Shawnee County DA to prosecute the cases because they would remain a crime under state law. Kansas City Star

Vint Cerf: For Internet Security, Start Over

"I'm actually quite interested in the clean-slate ideas. People will say, 'Oh you can never do that, it's already too deeply embedded in everything else.' But you could have said that of the telephone system in 1973, and the Internet is replacing the telephone system." Financial Times

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