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Newark Mayor Begins Food Stamp Challenge

December 4, 2012 By

A Twitter battle between Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker and a political detractor has the mayor feeding himself solely with food stamps this week. Booker issued the challenge to a self-described veteran and Army wife on Twitter who accused the mayor of wanting to “redistribute wealth.” Booker announced that he would accept this challenge on Nov. 21.

Booker, who has $30 to spend on groceries for the week, is sharing his experience on Twitter using #SNAPCHALLENGE. This morning, he expressed thanks to those both spreading the word about the challenge and joining in -- along with his first grocery receipt:

He also shared a photo of his food for the week:

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Colin    |    Commented December 5, 2012

Is he allowed to eat the food already in his house? I don't think that spaghetti is going to last the whole week.

Part 1 of 2    |    Commented January 24, 2013

Hey!!! Now this is 'Progressive' governance. Andrew Cuomo (you egotistical, Constitution shredding sack of...) take note. This is how you can find out what people are interested in, rather than dark age politics of pushing anti second amendment legislation through in the dark of night based on a falsehood (there was no AR 15 used in Sandy Hook you liar, but you already knew that). .................. Back to the topic at hand. I count myself fortunate that I haven't had to be at this level of government assistance, but I can't imagine that it would be easy; this is bound to be an eye opener for the mayor and army wife... . . . . .. That being said, I don’t think food stamps were intended to be used to raise a family on . They are a temporary measure for someone down on their luck, so they don’t wipe out their savings while trying to get back on their feet (re-employed etc.) ... . .. I think the upsurge in participation in the program is in part due to the entitlement mentality bred over the past 30-40 years. Kids grew up hearing they should have the best, gave it to them then they expected it/everything they wanted. This led to over-extensions to live large, debt, and various bubble effects (and subsequent bubble bursting effects).

Part 2 of 2    |    Commented January 24, 2013

Others who may have grown up dependent on government programs may just get used to it and find it difficult to break themselves free of the status quo, whether they could have a better life or not. Hey, change can be a difficult thing and require hard work. This is the type of change though that the current putz in the WH should have aimed for...empowerment to do better, rather than just entitlement to live a little better on someone else' dime....... .... .... That all said, I am a father myself and can appreciate not wanting my children to hurt in anyway, least of all hunger. It pains me that in this country (if not the corrupt/bought out by big business leadership) and land of plenty, there are children going hungry and that the government food programs think process cheese food and genetically modified organisms GMOs and high fat high sodium foods can be good for anyone, cause that's about all that $30 a week is going to afford. That and the BPA poison contained in 99% of all canned foods in this country. ............ . .... .... . As food stamps are supposed to be supplemental, I wonder how they'll hammer this out. There should be some income 'allowance,' whatever the poverty level is currently at, of which utilities/rent etc. would have to be deducted (on average for their respective areas). Still not talking about much money to live "healthily" on. It would be nice to see a national spotlight on this contest of sorts.

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