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San Jose, Calif., Upgrades 911 Call Center Technology
February 16, 2010 - Call center improves redundancy and simplifies retrieval of recordings.

Year in Review: Cyber-Security, Health IT Remain Important Issues for 2010
December 17, 2009 - Upgrading legacy health systems and using shared services will be among government's priorities.

Do Twitter and Other Social Networks Shield Anonymous Complainers on Topics like Health-Care Reform? (Opinion)
November 02, 2009 - Or do public online forums also give way to honest, informative discussions on contentious issues?

Arizona and Utah Allow Medicare Beneficiaries to Use Electronic Personal Health Records
October 20, 2009 - Medicare recipients can access their own health data in electronic medical records.

Health Information Exchange Provider Offers States Free Backbone for Information Sharing
August 26, 2009 - Hospitals, insurers and other health-care providers can exchange medical information on a per-use basis.

New York City E-Waste Law Challenged by Electronics Industry Associations
July 27, 2009 - Consumer Electronics Association and the Information Technology Industry Council suggest a different approach to New York City e-waste law. City councilman says current law is a national model.

New York City Health Department Helps Doctors Adopt Electronic Health Records
June 30, 2009 - New York City's Primary Care Information Project pays some costs of deploying EHR systems.

Budget Deficits Put Government's Sacred Programs Under Scrutiny
May 18, 2009 - Web 2.0 tool could be useful idea generators, says panel at Conference on California's Future.

Health Information Technology Stimulus Requires Careful Planning
April 01, 2009 - Stimulus act funds give priority to reimbursing doctors and hospitals that use electronic health records.

Apollo 13 Flight Director Says Space Exploration Can Stoke Economy
February 02, 2009 - Retired Apollo 13 Flight Director Gene Kranz hopes President Barack Obama maintains NASA funding level.

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