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The Role of Chief Security Officer is More Vital than Ever
October 09, 2014 - Security leaders sound off: The CSO role may look different in every organization, but in an increasingly connected and open society, it's a critical one.

‘Big Gig Challenge’ Seeks to Bolster Muni Fiber Projects in Northeast Ohio
August 21, 2014 - If cities don't take charge of their own fate for high-speed Internet, they could be waiting years to get fiber infrastructure in their community.

How the Cloud is Changing Everything for Government IT
August 06, 2014 - More governments are doing big data analytics, high-performance computing, collaborative applications and disaster recovery in the cloud.

What Do Public Health Officials Want From Big Data?
June 05, 2014 - Health Datapalooza panelists describe work-arounds they have developed to get the granular, neighborhood-level data they need.

CIOs Forge Stronger Ties with Decision-Makers, Build Better Business Cases
May 20, 2014 - Increasingly CIOs and budget directors are finding that they need to be on the same wavelength to make the case for IT investments.

Next-Generation 911: What You Need to Know
April 09, 2014 - An explanation of what next-generation 911 is, implementation challenges and how soon it will become a reality.

States Use Big Data to Target Hospital Super-Users
April 03, 2014 - Analytics and data sharing help spot areas with high rates of emergency room use and hospital re-admissions.

Overcoming Data Governance Challenges in HHS
April 02, 2014 - Multi-agency collaborative efforts key to attaining benefits of ACA, say officials speaking at the State Healthcare IT Connect Summit.

FirstNet Needs State Technology Chiefs to Play Vital Role
February 28, 2014 - States have lots of questions about FirstNet; here's why CIOs are key to making it work.

Does 3-D Printing Change Everything?
February 04, 2014 - The technology is fostering innovation from the space station to elementary schools, but its impact is still a great unknown.

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